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Scrapbooking Dos and Dont’s

If you’re a beginner scrapbooker, sorting out just what exactly you have to do to get started with building beautiful scrapbooks can be a challenge. To help you get through it, here’s a list of common dos and don’ts for scrapbooking:

1.Be true to yourself and your sense of style.
2.Use embellishments to decorate your pages.
3.Learn from others to get great scrapbooking ideas.
4.Always look to please yourself while scrapbooking.
5.Tell as story with the page.
6.Make time for your new hobby
7.Write great captions or descriptions of photos on your pages
8.Use found objects to decorate your pages.
9.Journal in your scrapbook pages to create more dimension.
10.Have fun!

1.Limit yourself to just one form of scrapbooking. Try all different kinds.
2.Stop once you’ve completed one scrapbook.
3.Worry if you make a mistake.
4.Think you have to copy someone else’s style.
5.Worry about what others think.
6.Limit your scrapbook to just photos. Use clippings, programs, ticket stubs, too!
7.Think about filling up the whole book at once. Take your time.

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