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Scrapbooking Favorite: 3-D Foam Dots

3D foam dots

Looking for a better way to make your photos and embellishments pop on the page? Want to make your scrapbooks look even more interesting and dynamic? Then try working with 3-D Foam Dots from

Made by Pioneer and designed to be a scrapbooking essential, offers a strong adhesive that permanently aheres your scrapbooking embellishments or photos to the page without having to deal with glues or tapes. Just pop on a foam dot and you’re all set. Plus, for added dimension, you can also stack multiple dots together!

These 3-D foam dots come in a pack of 52 with assorted sizes so you can always find the right one for the page. They’re also acid-free and photo safe, so there’s no risk of fading or discoloration when you use them to adhere your photos or put together scrapbooks. Trust us – they’re a must have for any scrapbooker!

Get your set of 3-D foam dots today at

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