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Scrapbooking Favorite: Scrapbook Glue Runner

scrapbook glue runner

Made by Pioneer, a leader in photo and scrapbooking supplies, this scrapbook glue runner is just what you’ve been looking for to complete your scrapbooking collection. Able to easily lay down permanent, double-sided adhesive, this glue runner makes it simple for you to put together a scrapbook in a flash with out having to deal with messy bottles or sticks of glue that only leave your photos wrinkled or discolored afterward.

The glue used in this scrapbooking accessory is made to be archival-safe, is acid-free, and is photo-safe for all different types of snapshots. To put it simply, this glue doesn’t discolor or alter your photos, so their beauty can be preserved over time with ease. Just refill it whenever it runs and out that’s it. It’s totally reusable, so you definitely know that you’re getting the best fit for scrapbooking.

Change the way that you use adhesive in the scrapbooking process and switch to using this scrapbook glue runner from Pioneer. It’s the easiest way to stick photos to paper without mess or fuss!

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