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Things That Can Harm Your Scrapbooks and Photos

Anyone who scrapbooks or deals with photos knows that they have to be protected, but when it all comes down to it, do they really know what’s causing damage to their treasured keepsakes? Here are some of the most common things that your photos and scrapbooks could come in contact with that can cause damage:

1.) Any liquids or moisture can destroy your photographs, negatives, or scrapbook pages by causing the paper to break down and the colors to distort. Store photos in a cool, dry place where no excessive amounts of moisture can get in.
2.) Sunlight and extreme temperatures can also compromise the integrity of your photos, so be sure to keep any photographs, scrapbooks, or negatives out of direct sunlight. Also, try to store them in areas that are moderate in temperature.
3.) Fingerprints on photos can become visible on photos and negatives over time. Try wearing gloves or wipe down your pictures using acid neutralizing wipes to remove any oils that came off from your hands during handling.
4.) Papers or cardstock with acid are also known to discolor photos, so be sure that you’re using papers that are only acid-free. At, we specialize in only acid-free products so that your photos are never compromised. All of our scrapbooks and papers are made with your need to be acid-free in mind.

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