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Thinking of a Scrapbooking Retreat?

Scrapbooking retreats are a great way to reflect on your skills and goals of scrapbooking, meet new and exciting people,  and to learn about new tools and techniques in this popular pastime.  There are many popular scrapbooking retreats such as Get Crafty Studio and Scrap Camp in the Virginia area which are great experiences for all scrapbookers.  If you are thinking of signing up for a scrapbooking retreat, there are a few items to consider.

  1. An area to scrapbook is most important – find out what space is available and if it caters to individuals or group needs.
  2. Inquire about necessary scrapbooking supplies – what supplies are available at the retreat and what supplies of your own should you bring?
  3. Know fellow scrapbookers? – Some retreats offer discount packages to larger groups and can save you money.
  4. What activities beyond scrapbooking? – Does the retreat offer other activities you can become involved in beyond scrapbooking?

If you need a weekend to get away or even to allow you the opportunity to focus on your scrapbooking passion, research scrapbooking retreats in your area and get away for a weekend while enjoying every minute you are gone!

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