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Bidding Summer A Fond Farewell!

Nobody likes to admit these things, but Summer is officially on her way out. However, instead of drowning my sorrows with one last glass of frozen lemonade, I am going to gather together what summer left behind – lots of beautiful photos! Whether you took an extravagant vacation, or stayed poolside at home, you are sure to have at least a handful of fun shots of friends, family and goofy pets!

I like to put Summer scrapbooks together outside – it adds that extra touch of authenticity for me. If you have the space, grab your supplies and head out to the porch, deck or local park. If not, pull up a seat by the window on a sunny afternoon.

Summer Scrapbooks

I have also found that some of the best embellishments are right in front of you – and free! On your next outing, grab some berries, twigs or leaves in a small box. Start with an archival scrapbook, like this summery Mulberry Scrapbook, to make sure your pictures are safe, and go cover crazy! Imagine this beautiful pressed flower scrapbook turned 3-D by what you found on the lawn! And the best part? If the twigs or leaves don’t stand the test of time, you can easily replace them with a quick trip to the yard. Something wonderful and new is always happening. It’s the beauty of nature, and why we scrapbook in the first place!

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