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Keep Your Kids Around when the Summer is Over

Scrapbook summer memory scrapbooks

The summer is about halfway over (hard to believe, we know!).  You still have a lot of living left to do out there.  But you need to have back-to-school time in the back of your head.  In the three months that your kids are home over the summer, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take pictures of them.  They’ll be running around, swimming, playing ball, and doing all sorts of things.  It’s the perfect opportunity for you to create a summertime scrapbook.  That way, when they go back to school, you’ll have something to look at.

Because, let’s face it, our kids might wear us out over the summer.  They’re like beings with virtually endless energy.  They’ll run around from sunup to sundown.  We can’t always keep up.  So there’s going to be a bit of relief when they walk onto the school bus for the first time in the fall.  You’ll finally have a day to yourself.  But if you find yourself lonely for the energy of summer, you can pull out your summertime scrapbook.  Our kids might wear us out, but we love them anyway!

So grab a scrapbook from and start putting your kids’ summer down on the page!

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