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Keep Your Vacation Photos Fresh

Like most travelers, you likely take pictures and collect cute or funny postcards from your vacation destination. They’re fun to look at when you get home, but what happens to them after a week? Are they stashed in a desk drawer, in a shoe box in the closet, left in the glove compartment of your car, or do you just plain lose them? In any case, you can never find them when you want to show them off. Make it easier on yourself and organize all those vacation memories in a Vacation Scrapbook that you can leave on the coffee table as a testament to your travels!

Memory Scrapbooks has a great selection of scrapbooks for your vacation photos and all the little knick-knacks that you brought back. If you just got home from a tropical location, this Palm Tree 12×12 Scrapbook would be perfect to keep all those pictures of you lounging by the beach and swimming in the blue ocean. Tiny trinkets can be tucked inside this gorgeous Photo Box.

Just got back from a big city like Chicago, Boston, or NYC? Pack all those sightseeing photos or the pictures from the night life in this City Maps 12×12 Scrapbook so you will always remember the sights and sounds!

If you organize your vacation photos in a scrapbook, you’ll always have a good story in great condition at the ready!

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