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5 More Ways to Stretch Your Scrapbook Budget

Just a few weeks ago, we posted some great ideas on how to trim down your costs on scrapbooking and how to stretch your supplies. After digging a bit deeper and checking with some creative scrapbookers just like you, we’ve uncovered five more great ways for you to save on your scrapbooking hobby.

1.Repurpose your child’s school binders as scrapbooks. Fill them up with your own custom pages and decorate the covers for a fun and easy scrapbooking solution.

2.Print your own pictures instead of sending them to the photo lab by investing in good printer paper and photo quality ink. Just be sure that your printer can handle it!

3.Don’t be afraid to use feathers, beads, and leftover crafting supplies to decorate your scrapbooks or to personalize.

4.Have your scrapbook double as a journal by including entries in between picture pages or creating a separate section just for journaling, sketching, or jotting down ideas.

5.Ask your child’s school, a local youth center, or an art studio to save their scraps for you to use. Not only will you be saving them the hassle of recycling, but they’ll feel great knowing that their scraps are going to a great cause: capturing family memories!


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