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A Must Read for Scrapbookers!

Scrapbookers - It's a Must Read!

“People have always found ways to document their family histories. The logic is, ‘I may be gone tomorrow, but by God, my life is documented on a page,’” shares author and graphic designer Jessica Helfand in a recent article in the Denver Post about her recent book release, Scrapbooks: An American History. “There’s something about the act of writing down what’s happened to you, pasting in a sugar wrapper from a significant meal at a restaurant, or a ticket from a play. It’s a way of stopping time.”

Since the book’s publication, it’s become a scrapbooker’s favorite. According to the book’s official website, the piece includes color photographs from more than 200 scrapbooks; some made by private individuals and others by the famous, including: Zelda Fitzgerald, Lillian Hellman, Anne Sexton, Hilda Doolittle and Carl Van Vechten. Scrapbooks, while generally made by amateurs, represent a striking and authoritative form of visual autobiography. Helfand finds when viewed collectively they offer a unique perspective on the changing pulses of American cultural life.

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