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Scrapbook Your Pets

To a lot of people, pets are members of the family. Animals are little characters that can bring joy into the lives of their owners (or “pet parents,” if you prefer). Making a scrapbook for your furry companion is a great way to document the role that they play in your life. You might have a menagerie of pets, or you might have just one that you call your “baby.” Either way, scrapbooking your pet can help you hold on to those memories for years to come. has an album that can get you started. If you don’t have enough pictures of your pet to get started right away, it might be a good idea to jot down the kind of things you think might work for your scrapbook. Is your pet a clown? Then you might try catching him when he starts chasing his tail. If your pet is a couch potato, it might be fun to stick a silly hat on him when he’s sleeping. Get creative, and snap some photos! Once you’ve got your pictures, you can add some captions. It might also be a nice idea to leave some room on the page for a bit of journaling, because you can’t always catch everything your pet does in a photograph. So you can include some descriptions around the pictures to really bring the album to life.

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